dynswapd - Dynamic Swap Daemon

Dynamically de/activates swap files and partitions as required, creating and deleting swap files as necessary.

Run with --help to see options. Defaults to a target of 1gb memory.

Please send any comments, bugs, suggestions, whatever to

Change Log

0.3 * Forking
* Syslog output (when forked)
* Debugging options
0.2 * Configuration file support
* Command line option support
* Help Screen
0.1 * Dynamic swapfile creation/activation/deactivation/deletion
* Detection and management of swap partitions
* Catching of external changes to swap files


0.4 Dynamic changing of TARGET based on tmpfs filesystems
Better algorithm for deciding swap file sizes
0.5 Integrate swapon/swapoff/mkswap
Thread swap creation and activation
0.6 Write a man page?